Always Competing Against The Yankees

You are always competing against the Yankees!

A friend of mine, who is very successful in real estate – and who happens to love baseball – recently shared with me his mindset on approaching his competition. He simply said “Pat, it’s pretty simple, I always believe I’m competing against the Yankees.”

With all the disruption in the marketplace, with as many smart people entering the industry, with as many slick marketers, discounters and rebaters out there – you need your “A” game every day, at every moment.

Want to survive in a tough industry? You need to have the mindset of an indispensable agent: I am always competing against the Yankees.

Love them or hate them, with 27 World Series Championships to their name, there is not a baseball franchise that comes close to the dominance of the Yankees. (The Cardinals come in a distant second with 11 championships!)

Ruth, Gehrig, Dimaggio, Boggs, Mantle, Jeter the list goes on… Talent and a culture of excellence that has lasted over 100 years.

Before you take that listing appointment…
When you’re preparing to meet new buyers…
As you head off to meet with a builder, HR department or the head of the Chamber…
Assume your client is also meeting with the Yankees and your preparation will never be lacking.

And here’s a final thought: What does your daily routine have to look like to consistently show up to compete against the best?
Your morning routine, Your workout schedule, your sleep, your diet?
Think it doesn’t matter?

To the Yankees it does.

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Cover photo courtesy of cindydangerjones via Pixabay

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