Hiring: Executive Assistant to the CEO

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As the Executive Assistant (EA) to the CEO of Tower Hill Realty, you will be intimately involved in every decision made in this fast-growing, pioneering company in its mission to alter the real estate industry. To say that the EA will need to be reliable and task-oriented is a severe understatement. Complete ownership of the role will be necessary to help drive the growth of the company. A deep sense of responsibility for the success of the company will be fundamental and energizing to the ideal candidate.

We expect that the EA will jump into the unknown and creatively find solutions, innovations, and opportunities. The ideal EA candidate is highly self-motivated, professionally excellent, capable of managing their workload and prioritizing tasks in an extremely fast-paced environment. Most of all, the ideal EA candidate will be eager to learn quickly, and constantly, and will view their role as an opportunity for tremendous professional growth.

No prior executive assistant experience is needed. Our application process is a major commitment of time and money for our executive team. It is intended to get to know each candidate at a far deeper level than any resume can tell us. The process of discovery in applying to Tower Hill will both challenge and enrich the candidate. To begin the process, please email Pat Kilner at pkilner@towerhillrealty.com to set up an initial phone interview.

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