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On Thursday, April 6th, TowerHill Realty, together with the Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance and Coakley Realty, will be hosting Nick Sarillo for his Trust and Track Leadership Workshop.

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About the Workshop

Trust & Track Leadership

A Proven Method For Achieving Purpose And Profitability

Today’s ever-changing business environment requires a new type of leader to be more effective in the way we communicate and develop our people. In this session, be inspired to shift from the dated command-and-control style of leadership and join the Trust and Track LeadershipTM movement. The restaurant industry is known for having 150-200 percent employee turnover rates. With almost 200 team members, Nick’s Pizza & Pub maintains less than a 25 percent turnover annually. How can that be? Being a Trust and Track Leader means operating in an environment of trust and having the ability to lead company culture, not just tell people what to do. Using real life experiences, Nick shares how to create a meaningful place to work where leaders are coaches that build and inspire their team.

As a result of participating in this program, participants will be able to:

  • Implement a “Recognize the positive” (over the wrong or off) behavior to support building and retaining team members.

  • Take home coaching tools, such as the “certification feedback loop” form, that they can implement immediately to be a better coach.

  • Surrender the old perception of “boss and micro manager” and become a high-performing servant leader operating in an environment of trust and open communication.

  • Understand how to make employees feel “accepted, supported, and successful” through onboarding, training and celebrations.

Perfect Audience: Entrepreneurs, business owners, association or corporate leaders who believe in their people and want to learn how to inspire their team to achieve more innovation and better fiscal performance.

Attire for event: Business attire

– Men must have jacket

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